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starfish pool
illusions of move - chapter red
ant-zen   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 9-Mar-2001
with "chapter red" koen lybaert continues his illusion of move series, this being a second installment. "chapter red" is supposed to deal with passion and indeed it is a lot more emotional than "chapter blue." the latter was an exploration of ambient monotonous tracks, building an atmosphere upon deep strings and persistent percussion. you might not recognize old starfish pool on this record - koen has retained his affection for minimal sounds, but they have become more integral part of the music, evolving and changing over time.

for me this album is infinitely more personal that "chapter blue." the story seems to unfold with each track, slowly moving through deep gorgeous strings and atmospheric sweeps shaped with gentle percussion waves. at times I could compare it with more technoid moments of lusine icl, but then it quickly loses resemblance becoming more powerful and assertive than the latter.

the blend of rhythms and beautifully shaped ambient textures is what is so fascinating about this album. each track is perfectly composed to the point where you simply follow the current of the music, where not a single misplaced element disturbs your ear. after a while you start picking up all the subtle changes that add depth and diversity to the music, slightly altering your perception of it every time you listen to the record. the music on this record is not as "dark" as it is mysterious and intriguing, and strangely soothing at the same time.

"chapter red" is definitely my favorite starfish pool release up to date, and while I do appreciate a lot of elements on "chapter blue", this record simply affects me in a deeper and more personal way.

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