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nature   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 9-Mar-2001
at first I was absolutely sure I would never review this cd, not because the music is not quite fitting our usual profile, but also because the atmosphere and the sound appeared nothing more than tongue-in-cheek fun. but it is amazing how fast it grew on me up to the point where I simply had to write something about it, at least as an attempt to organize my feelings.
as the sleeve says, the music on this cd was created using old vinyls and tapes, digital and analog technology. the result is the most stunning recreation of the spirit of old disco and early days of electronica. old tunes, sounds and instruments are transformed and blended with amazing taste and (most important) style. idm textures are built on top of bits and pieces of old melodies that seem to be so naturally surrounded by technoid patterns and swirling idm percussion. all tracks flow without interruption, with a steady pace, toying with funky disco themes, goofy sounds and lush analog elements. at times the thread that holds it all together breaks, and for a moment you get blinded by a dizzying array of broken tunes, reversed record sounds, confused misplaced noises, catching a glimpse of modern mechanic behind the music. and then the image is gone and the melody is restored.
over time I found this disk quite irresistible, it seems to bring back so many elements that I, not being that old, have never experienced first hand. it is an incredible exploration of so many musical layers collected over the years and delivered to us framed in attractive electronica package. it proved to be a great companion for records like latest brighter death now.

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