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rythms der stadt
toytronic   2001
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"slow motion process"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 23-Mar-2001
this new gimmik vinyl became one of those "highly anticipated" releases for me. it has been announced a few months ago on toytronic site, and ever since then I have been impatiently awaiting its arrival. for those of you that have not heard their recent "slow motion process" (it entered my top 5 idm releases for last year) on worm interface or their not-so-recent earlier effort "load error" (despite the "earlier" part, it is probably one of the most complex and yet melodic idm releases I have heard), this album would pass unnoticed since it has been limited to 100 hand-labeled/numbered copies.

the vinyl comes with a small gimmik comic strip and "drumstick" chew bar. it contains six tracks that sparkle with the same beauty and charm that captivated me on "slow motion process". "ausland," "eine geschichte" and "im sommer" are great examples of "classic" idm approach that at the same time manages to stand above the rest of idm crowd with its striking blend of rich and unique melodies and very mature composition. the latter is probably one of the biggest differences - beautiful strings are deeply interwoven into overall music texture, escaping simple attraction of usual contrast exploited by many idm artists. string elements are richer, more complex; but they never get too detached from the music, staying close to percussion textures that feature both sparse edgy beats and more playful, chaotic corroded elements.

these three tracks seem to explore traditional idm themes, taking them further, accentuating overall harmony and composition, and still paying tribute to intricate and fragile nature of idm.

remaining three tracks are a little simpler, moving into graceful ambient realm, where lively percussion is replaced by somber, subdued key progressions and deep slowly developing strings ("ich bin du"). "ohne raum" lacks any percussion whatsoever and builds upon deep dark strings and small distant noises - a nice step away from usual idm style. closing "rythms der stadt" is probably the most "electro" track on the vinyl, using simple string progressions that finally fade into gentle synthlines.

overall, I could only recommend this vinyl to any idm fan; those that enjoyed latest gridlock or beefcake would be pleased to discover many similarities gimmik has with those artists.

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