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[law-rah] collective
possessive blindfold recordings   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 14-May-2001
this ambient release comes from bauke, fearless ant-zen webmaster and the soul behind interestingly enough, this album came out on possessive-blindfold, the label that is not that close to bauke’s netherlands. both salt and hans (ccer) did a nice packaging/layout job for this release that plays along well with the band’s name.

the [law-rah] collective creates dark minimal ambient using multitude of pure analog instruments that create a distinct, easily recognizable atmosphere. slowly moving analog frequencies supplemented by deep basslines, vibrating undertones, and sparse hollow noises. the music is strangely disembodied and cold, at times almost elegant in its simplicity and distant, refined purity. slowly the disk evolves to increasingly darker and heavier ambient landscapes, where analog sounds are slowly washed away by ominous sonic waves. gradually the sound is getting more cinematic, as the textures deepen and you can almost hear the sand of the desert being shifted by the gusts of cold indifferent wind.

the album balances between organic feel introduced by deep basslines, and inanimate, cold layered frequencies and vibrating noises that add a phantasmagoric and eerie touch to the music.

I am sure that my comparison of few tracks to vromb would only be perceived as a compliment by bauke. indeed, vromb is the something that came to my mind a few times, and I am talking about “le facteur humain”-era vromb. however, the [law-rah] collective is more focused on purely ambient part of music, and the resulting material is significantly darker than early vromb releases. the only similarity between the bands on those tracks is the nature of the sounds used.

as the album evolved, I wish there were more analog elements used, since they added such a nice touch to the music. but even without those “incarnation” still shines on its own, delivering pure and “true” dark ambient with style and consistency.

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