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burn plate no. 1
hydrant   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 15-May-2001

first spotted on toytronic compilation, proem recently released their second full-length album ("negativ" on merck). meanwhile, while I am still waiting to get my hands on it, it would probably make sense to mention "burn plate no. 1."

from the very first moments I knew why I liked this album so much. one of the trademark sounds of proem is crunchy, very tough percussion that might remind you of funkarama's most abrasive pieces. somehow funkarama's balance of heavy percussion and gentle melodies seems to be the closest reference point. tracks like "wet groceries" might remind you of beefcake with its high bpm complex percussion mayhem contrasted by melancholic keys.

at the same time proem creates a much smoother, richer mixture that features more organic and soothing elements including gentle keys and beautiful melodic passages that are mixed together with pleasantly heavy, compressed, and at times downright noisy percussion.

sometimes proem moves into more technoid atmosphere, streamlining otherwise non-linear typical idm percussion structure. this probably are my favorite moments on the album, when gentle atonal keys and melody balance between fast-paced corroded percussion and simpler technoid beats supported by lush strings.

overall this is a very impressive album with a definite style and unusual for the genre roughness combined with very mature melodies. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that appreciates heavier, noisier part of the genre and yet has a taste for good melody and composition.

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