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aural blasphemy
possessive blindfold recordings   2001
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"frequency purge"
possessive blindfold recordings
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 16-May-2001
finally, after impressive number of demos, aural blasphemy releases full-length album on possessive-blindfold (at least local talent does not get leaked out of the states). I am glad to see how frozen empire media evolved to a state where its efforts in discovering and promoting new breed of american rhythm&noise started to pay off. aural blasphemy finally got recognized, and their debut has been picked up by possessive-blindfold (with each release unit and possessive-blindfold overlap more and more, starting to remind me of hymen and ant-zen in past year or two).

it appears that joe got his act together and decided to incorporate basically two strong elements of his music into each song. I have been always impressed by his dark atmospheric pieces as well as abrasive percussion aspects. and finally there is a distinctive style present; on each demo, among strong and original tracks there would always be a few ones that seemed to indicate current favorite in the world of rhythm&noise – be it imminent or converter.

I am glad to hear clean and polished production on this release, it is definitely something that was missing before. at times I wish the composition of the tracks was a little less repetitive. I do understand (based on the likes of hypnoskull/reset) that it probably was the intention, but at times I really wish there was more ambient interludes, broken random rhythms; but maybe it’s my recent idm fascination speaking up. at the same time almost each track starts out with very pleasant dark ambient textures at times pierced by heavy saturated noise attacks and cold atmospheric sweeps. the rhythms present are at times a little too “bouncy,” sacrificing heaviness and density.

in any case, this is a very strong release that combines heavy straightforward technoid rhythms and minimal, yet very distinct abrasive textures that include compressed beats, various noises, frequencies and at times even a few strings (now, that is the part I really miss; very often it sounded too detached and unnatural on the demos, but there were a few tracks where it worked out perfectly; this is the reason why “movement” is one of my favorite tracks).

“catharsis” is probably not the album for the floor, but it becomes almost a study guide on new breed of rhythm&noise. it has all the right elements in right proportions that make it a text books case and should probably be included in all “rhythm&noise starter kits” as an example of the genre that takes the best elements from its predecessors and creates the most perfect interpretation. it does not create anything new, but rather polishes, combines, and refines all the concepts that have been introduced earlier.

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