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dj aneurysm
unit   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 23-May-2001

dj aneurysm resides in san francisco, so it is quite logical that he has been picked up by conveniently located unit. as a part of unit family he first appeared on "xxx'd generation" comp released last year. this time around it is a three-track 12" vinyl that offers a further look into the music of this california dj and musician.

I am not sure why, but this record sounds more like an eclectic dj set; throughout each track the styles move between haywire of processed idm beats, punchy speedcore percussion, or rolling breakcore collages. this probably would have been a killer combination in the club environment, but it is either overly long or too repetitive for careful home listening.

only one track truly stands out in its entirety. opening "san franpsycho" alone makes this record worth buying. it has the heaviness and density of breakcore track with tweaked-out frequencies, noisy screeches and even a slight hint of hip-hop influence. it is fast and complex, moving between fast-paced speedcore passages and intense drum&bass patterns supported by very fitting beautiful strings. this track truly stands out and maybe that's why remaining two tracks seem to lose a lot in comparison, although they do have many cool elements as well as distinctly different styles.

this is a short record that probably would not drain your funds and provides a lot of bang for the buck - I would recommend it at least for "san franpsycho" alone.

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