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pug times
toytronic   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 24-May-2001; last updated on 31-May-2001 by anton

toytronic pushes forward it's ninth release with the delightful and fun melodic ventures of mathew Arnold (aka mr. projectile). packaged in the sly signature toy cardboard sleeve and pressed in thick opaque white vinyl, this is the first solo release of mr. projectile's work next to his numerous appearances on three previous toyronic compilations, the "gain structure" compilation from topscore, and collaborations on the elusive idm project the brokerdealer.

"jellyfish" opens this release with erratic and reversed rhythms that remind me of gimmik's string work meshed with dub's distinct disjointed percussive elements. this track engages nicely into as the it progresses and is joined by evolving counter-melodic movements. much of these elements carry on into other tracks here and there, giving a foundation to much of the programming basis on this release. "lulwample" is another good example pushing enlightening reverbed melodic strings that are softly engaged with various reversed phases, scratches, and fun whirls.

projectile's work evokes feelings of those playful, innocent times and memories of summer's past. "capcavenal" fits this perfectly, enticing the mind with reflecting harmonies and soft rhythms that bounce beautifully with accents of bass and string melodies that build and fade into the warm rays of the falling sun. it is one of my favorite tracks on this release and sure to be a favorite for many others (especially fans of arovane, gimmik, and early aphex twin work).

all in all, no disappointments yet from this wonderful idm label from the minds of genius chris cunningham and gimmik; it is one of the strongest and consistent newer idm labels that has emerged in the past few years!

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