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pitchcadet   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 24-May-2001
one of my favorite releases from this ever-growing idm label that just had to be observed. manchester-based deviant sound architects brian flanagan and mike hopkins of datathief divide boundaries with two idm composers known as yunx. two very unique electronic bands that will have much more to offer in the next year. besides the numerous compilations appearances each have been released on such labels as beta bodega coalition, skam, v/vm, suction, isophlux, and subconcious geography, just to name a few.

datathief gathers intelligent operative information for the mind with opening track "kingpin[datatheme]" that engages technological sword-colliding rhythms that pace with dark bass accents, pulling you into their brilliant dark idm/electro sound. the very catchy cool sounds of "interrupt[version zero]" split forces of video game-esq beat attacks and super sweet interlaced melodies that leave you breathless before the song even finishes. definitely one of my favorite tracks from these artists and one that will remain timeless. "grey" chills out with nice fluid, somber harmonies, and subtle distant rhythm and bass elements that emerge and fall into the background of side one as it ends.

yunx presents three complimentary tracks that give us a strong idealism into their dark idm stylings as well. "supertrack" moves into place with punchy and somewhat jazzy break-beats that pace nicely with funk-driven melodies and soft analog string pads. "tenson" plays with fun melodies that bounce alongside snappy low snares and more punchy beats. these funky jazz rhythms work into the last track as well, entitled "gx.9900." this track remains my favorite of all presented here by yunx and reminds me of something that could easily fit into the toytronic sound. surrounded by evolving touches of echoing attacks and break-beats with somewhat eerie analog string patches and subtle bass lines.

a very impressive release that simply provides new unique sounds for not too distant future of a video game generation. I highly recommend this one.

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