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nature   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 24-May-2001
another gem and highly original and intelligent electronic release from last year that must be mentioned for all lovers of fun and catchy disco movements of the late 70ís. Italian musicians of mat101, francesco de bellis and mario pierro, bring you back to the very days of the great shiny disco floor grooves with mixed and arranged enticing electro accents of this age. combining analog patches, catchy 70's-esq guitar grooves, and fun break-beats, the "angel" mixes prepare us for the brilliant tunes of the full length "jollybar" release!

all tracks on this lp have something to offer and show the diversity within the project. The "angel[electro mix]" gives us a pleasant mesh between both worlds of now and then, and making it all fun in between. add some of the most fun and carefree guitar and bass grooves of the disco generation and merge ideals of new analog textures and sound spiraling effects.

on side-b "radio jolly" funks up things with fun chill-movements and porno-guitar rhythms that are devoured with crazy manipulation. the lpotesi punta rossa mix of "angel" digs deeper into the mysterious old 70"s analog synth progressions and evokes thoughts of innocent summers of the seventies and the beautiful young ladies that made it thrive.

Super-fly sounds of the seventies with a mind for intelligent electronic music of this generation.

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