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nature   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 24-May-2001
one of the most unique and impressively fun albums of last year that simply deserves the attention! the nostalgic playful tunes of the 70ís meets the enhanced idm textures of 2000. francesco de bellis & mario pierro of the mat101 project bring you the smooth sounds of everything that was just plain good from the late 70ís music and assimilate the idealism with new helpful textures and break rhythms and grooves that make this release an original gem that remains to lie in a category of itís own, as far as I know.

the disk features some great excerpts from various artists such as v. & l. raimondi, e. vivaldi vera, i. neri, r. politi and s. del caldo. comprised of nineteen great tracks that will surely become addictive after numerous listens. each track has something catchy and attractive to offer for your listening enjoyment. good examples lie within the following tracks: 2,3,4,6,7,8,10, 14, and 19.

"piano" inducts us into this nostalgic era of bell-bottom fashion and wavy long hair with lovely flute and guitar melodies that are encased by swirling warm strings and dancing piano chords. a very beautiful track that only prepares us for whatís to come. track three, "discodisco," jumps us into fun electroid-disco grooves that transition and grow with complex breaks and very luxurious strings arrangements, female and male wailing, and killer 70ís vocoder effects and human beatbox elements. definitely one my favorite tracks on this release and a good representation of what these Italian architects of sound are providing for us.

"joollyoo" throws down the funky guitar and bass rifts and looping horn rhythms that are intertwined with humancuica methods and tweaked psychedelic patches. "with love" captures the sentimental, yet fun summertime innocence of the 70ís with conga funk rhythms that revolve around chill-out grooves, catchy whistling, and nice strings. spiraling high-funk grooves bust out on track seven , "talco uno", giving a whole new meaning to catchy electro movements. a very attractive track that could be beautifully suited for the club floor. "drago" pushes psychedelic hypnotizing rhythms that break, stutter and follow with more fun grooves that break down to old analog sequences that can only remind you of the 70ís electronica. track ten, "talco due" puts down some highly groovy cow-bell & bass beats, mixed with funk-driven guitar rifts and electronic melodies of the seventies. various super-sweet breaks and fun samples that make this tune another very strong representation of jollymusicís sound. more cow-bell dammit!

in conclusion, a very delightful surprise from the nature records and one of the most original electronic projects of last year.

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