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release the object
foton   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 24-May-2001
foton puts out its third installment by sound device minimalist and co-founder peter van hoesen. assembling six tracks focusing on the relationship of sound devices and how they interact with each other in particular environments, object gives us a raw peak into some of his auditory work. packaged with an interesting slide schematic and surreal painting by ela stasiuk.

"living machine music for the mind" would be my best description for this release. it seems that the music is not music at all, but takes on a form of identity of its own, focusing more on just being a sound.

for example, track one "singular 1" assembles minimal moving points one upon one as they combine and assimilate, growing and devouring each other. utilizing snare-esq sounds and abstract synthetic rhythms. "singular two" build sequential-step melodies and deep static amplitudes that collide with moving drones.

"counter" utilizes soft micro-organic bleeps and shifts that interact with static relays. "a/b" focuses on subtle fast forward percussive loops, and bass resonances that remind me of some of the current directions autechre is taking on their release "confield." track five "symbolic 1" incorporates a looping word that changes its perception while elements interact. and the final track, "symbolic 2" moves solid synthetic streamlines under walls of percussive aspects and static relays.

a very consistent label that continues to push its directions in minimal sound experimentations; probably not something to miss live. headphones recommended.

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