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first law
loki   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 27-May-2001

Loki foundation has been putting out quite a few very solid releases over the past years, but i have to say the latest releases have been my most favorable of all. new predominance, the saturn gnosis box set, and now the new first law!

the first track alone, "masters of the universe," says it all; for this brilliantly defined dark ambient collection compiled from late 98 to december 2000. A majestic look into illusory thoughts of the mind reminding me of the universally dark compositions of predominance's work. Very different from his last release, andreas wahnmann pushes new directional standards in dark ambient themes with various new instrument devices and sounds used.

"the other side of the sun" evolves with beautiful ritualistic rhythms that accent the surreal and lush female vocals and swirling string harmonies. another very strong track by itself. the closing track, "as hell freezes over", descends into abysmal middle-eastern guitar tones, radiant strings that illuminate while gracefully shifting atmospheres twist about.

A majestic richness and rejuvenation in new directions of universal dark ambient genres. And a continuation in the solid new releases of dark ambient material from Loki Foundation.

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