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feinde auf valium
repulsive   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 27-May-2001
Michael Krauss takes some radical turns from his earlier undefined/experimental releases and pulls together a more consistent sophomore release that is out for blood.

The new album incorporates directions geared towards old-school/ebm/industrial facets mixed with a hostile punk-esq edge flavor. I have to say this is very strong ebm/industrial/punk counterpart to many of harsh extreme noise acts out there. unlike many ebm/industrial acts, f/a/v stays with his native german tongue on the vocals (except for two tracks), which is a really nice compliment to the musical direction itself making it quite vicious and similar to :w:'s "music for a german tribe."

Focusing on more spontaneous and direct approaches to programming methods, f/a/v's sound finds its ground on this release, using sound equipment similar to that of young suicide commando :W:, b-ton k and infact. Sixteen tracks with volatile and erosive ebm/industrial directions with an addition of one remix by kybernaut that sounds nothing like the rest.

Although this is a complete 180-degree turn from what i am currently listening to now, i can still enjoy this release for it's fiercely paced rejuvenated ideals towards old-school ebm/industrial stylings and holding its ground towards keeping this idealism sacred and not selling out to some of the more "acceptable" genres such as synth-pop that some other acts of this nature have transitioned to, [i.e. evil's toy]!

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