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possessive blindfold recordings   2001
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possessive blindfold recordings

album rating: 3

submitted by ben on 27-May-2001
James Vietzke of Zymosiz returns with Noiy, his second CD in as many years. Surprisingly, some of these new tracks almost reside in a minimal techno vein -- think Panasonic times ten, and then cross that with the heavier beats and textures of power electronics -- and the overall sound and approach strikes me as more controlled, defined and sharper than his full-length debut, Virust, which resonated with far more noise and harsher distortion. A warm, rough around the edges feel is still intact though, as unfamiliar, rhythmic sounds persistently berate the senses.

The rhythmic, grinding atmospheres of "Quest" are stealthily attacked by twittering, insectile chirps and squeaks (recurring sounds on the disc) that eventually multiply into a flowing cacophony. "Ophelia" sounds like a rough, electronic interpretation of traditional taiko drumming, tribal and raw. The simplicity of each individual looping layer is offset by the complex, vibrating sound achieved by stacking them all together.

Thick, grainy, distorted swells and biting, machine shop pitches smother faint rhythms in the industrial strength "Stompers." The strangest track is easily "Tears and Laughter," where short, disturbed carnival sounds and heavily manipulated , cartoonish samples of crying/laughter(?) abruptly end the disc on a rather twisted note. An intensely repetitive release.

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