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syncromesh   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 27-May-2001
This compilation, and the entire Syncromesh label for that matter, is an extension of the Syncromesh internet radio show, which streams a couple times each month. This disc is the customary label comp manifesto, designed to give listeners a taste of where this Seattle based CD-R label is headed.

Entirely electronic, the opening tracks definitely reside on the thumpy, dancefloor friendly side of the EBM fence, with catchy, hook laden songs standing out and characterizing my first impression of the collection. Static Engine's "Encrypt-Decrypt" is fairly straightforward at face value, but the vocals take it to another level. Melodic, in the Covenent/Mesh sense of the word, this is really infectious stuff. Fockewolf's layered, ethereal female vocals (a rarity on the disc) fit the tight programming really well, replete with a classic Cronenberg sample. Another Seattle band, Doll Factory, contribute a dark dance track with gruff, anthemic vocals and looping synth lines. Some of the only guitars on the disc are heard on D.U.S.T.'s "Communion," heavily processed and layered in behind extremely poppy, clean vocals.

Diverje has definitely evolved a lot since I last heard the project, though the smooth electro-dance flavor can be credited to Codec's distinct remixing talent. This track marks a shift into the second half of the disc, which seems to center around more instrumental song structures with less importance placed on the vocals. Vancouver's Landscape Body Machine not only has a great track title in "Manifest Destiny [NAFTA mix]," but a strong, Chomsky sample infused mix to follow. A hyper slab of electro beats and speedy programming lies atop the constant dialogue and some dark, flowing tones. Another Vancouver act, Seventh Image, contribute a powerful, energetic electro track with obscured, textural vocals.

At 73 minutes this disc is packed with music. The experience gleaned from putting together all those internet streams has clearly spilled over into this release to forge a solid collection with a lot of familiar faces.

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