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frozen empire media   2000
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"halcyon" review by anton
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 28-May-2001
It seems as though Frozen Empire Media have tapped into a thriving little pocket of artists over on the East Coast of the US, and they seem to be getting stronger with each new release. idyl was started up last summer as a solo offshoot of the electro-industrial band Conversion Factor, both projects of New York's Scott Anderson. His debut as idyl was the 3" disc on FEM, kef, a four track introduction to the rhythmic framework of the project.

Halcyon opens with dusky, thundering beats layered in with chattering rhythms and dark, mood setting synth work. Forthright and ominous, with the strategic motion of a military march. "At the Waters Edge" boosts the disc into more rapid, distorted terrain with the aid of lively, tensile percussion. A morose backdrop of melodies still comes into play, however, especially with "Stringent," where the floating tones add a sensitive element to the otherwise belligerent beats.

The opening of "In the Silence of..." further hones in on the atmospheric side of idyl, before an explosion of sharp, gun-like jabs efficiently destroys the calm. Overall the project's percussion sounds quite static, repetitive and drum-machine driven, but the built up layers provide the illusion of more dynamic programming. The closing track, "Belief (Restive)," is a good example of this, with the different layers of beats piled up into a repetitive, energetic frenzy.

Up until now FEM's medium of choice has been short, to the point 3" CD-Rs, but hopefully this release and their upcoming full-length label comp, Colliding Frequencies, will mark a shift towards longer output. A selection of idyl mp3s, including three from this EP, are available at

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