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split cd-r
zaftig research   2000
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zaftig research

album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 28-May-2001
Ovum's stark, minimal ambient compositions have really sharpened over the past couple of years, and the half-hour "Turntable Turpitude" is some of the strongest material I've heard from the project yet. The lengthy, membranous soundscape envelopes you in it's subtleties. Cloudy, murky tones and faint, light textures ease in and out of both dull and vibrant pitches. Thick, modulating frequencies interrupt the atmospherics and tickle your ears with their weight and fluctuating pitch. I've often thought these experimental ambient pieces would suit a film soundtrack, and for the most part this track is no exception... think Eraserhead meets the eerie white room at the end of 2001. In true Ovum form, you'll be utterly lost without headphones.

Goose, mellow counterpart of the harsh noise project Stolen Light, has the final say with the second half of the disc. The two projects complement each other really well, and on first listen I didn't even pick up on the track shifting over. "Symphony for Marimba Opus I" sounds more layered and active, and effectively cohesive on the whole. The atmospheres generate a slight emotive quality as a result, subtle melodies condensing within repetitive strings of light distortions and textures.

Adding up to just over an hour of sound, both of these compositions are very long. My attention span is simply shot if I'm not doing something else while listening, so they lend themselves to becoming textural ambient backdrops more than anything.

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