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colliding dimensions tour
loki   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 10-Sep-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
i usually do not feel qualified to talk about ambient, and this is the genre that i am not very experienced in. however, this release caught my attention. the band is playing dark noisy ambient, and this album contains some live, compilation and unreleased tracks covering the period of three years (1996-1999).
the music of inade is rather minimalistic, but the atmosphere created by it is very intense. dark caustic sounds sweeping through empty landscapes, hollow chilling wind blowing from speakers and making your spine tremble. there is almost no structure in the music. normally, i would not be that interested in a release like that, but seen those guys perform live really put me into a special mood, and i started sinking deeper and deeper in this cold, dark atmosphere enhanced by the fucked up video that was shown during the concert.
while most of the tracks are _really_ atmospheric and you _really_ have to be attentive, couple of the songs were different.
"signals from 68 dimensions pt. 2" is simply amazing - dark thick crushing mechanized sound that drops and slides, surrounded by hissing and breathing of the machine. the music is slow and while there are no beats or specifically harsh sounds, the atmospere is crushing and dominating. the music is repetitive and the tension builds gradually rising to the tribal intensity filled with crazy vocal samples. and then the single heavy beat slowly drops, immediately followed by drilling noise. this pattern repeats again and again, making the track addictive and magnetizing. it is very simple but the power, darkness and strength in it are fascinating.
"with the flood to light" - another incredible track that looked great live. hollow, empty beats start the song - pounding slowly and repetitively leading you into the empty dark rooms with high ceilings hidden in the darkness. then crazy voice samples kick in and start playing with your mind. throbbing bassline on the background adds to the overall tension of the track.
if you are in the mood for something dark and enchanting, something transparent like the wind, but captivating and controlling - this would be your choice.

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