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climb to zalem/plan e
split ep
solardisk   2001
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solardisk records

album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 28-May-2001
Originally recorded as a split 7", the material of this disc multiplied when both bands chose to record a cover of the others' track and release it as a CD EP instead. The outcome is about as intimate as a split release can get, short of an actual collaboration.

Nihk Loiacano, who co-wrote and performed on Nothing's The Grey Subaudible, is the driving force behind Climb to Zalem. "Never-Ending Snowfall" is the band's debut, barring a three song demo release from '99. The track sounds very solid and structured, but at the same time gentle and empathetic. If Labradford tried to shed their minimalism and turn into a rock band, it probably wouldn't sound too far from this, with synthesized piano and cello creating a stoic, comfortably dejected feel.

Finland's Plan E has a tighter rock sound, with more emphasis placed on heavier guitars and drums. "March of the Kalahari" is probably the catchiest track of the four, with a repetitive bass line and strong vocals. Their take on "Never-Ending Snowfall" adds this heavier style to the song but keeps the same slow pace, taking on the guise of a heavy metal ballad. Climb to Zalem's interpretation of Plan E's track also assimilates it into their own style, so much so that I probably wouldn't even guess it's the same song, even after hearing them back-to-back. The same relaxed, richly melodic style emanates from every note.

Plan E front man Jani Lehtosaari also runs the Solardisk label, and has signed Climb to Zalem for their upcoming debut full-length, Tears for the King, which is currently in the works. Check out the Solardisk website for more info and sound clips.

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