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zbigniew karkowski
choice of points for the application of force
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album rating: 2

submitted by jc smith on 29-May-2001
Zbigniew Karkowski's latest release explores the sub-currents of electronics, of electricity, via minimalist sonicscapes. Inconsistently pulsing electronics littered with crackling static debris that spastically tremble form the basis for "Vague." This foundation is subtly shattered (it's not volume, it's tonality that disrupts) by high-pitched tones that initial jar like an alarm clock, before it meshes with the erratically pulsing electronics. The electronics of "Idented" rip and shred in spurting disarray, an ejaculation of the virus; a spewing of acid from feverish machines. As the track progresses, the purging becomes more violent, the need for expulsion more forced (an application of necessary force to save the machine?). "Delimited" is pierced by a voracious, tinny, scraping tone, one with lethal intentions, singing the eardrums, pausing to recuperate amidst warm humming, before total disruption (a black hole of non-sound), finally succumbing to crackling static intrusions that subtly attack the machine. Zbigniew Karkowski always fascinates as he trips through the circuitry byways of sentient electronics.

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