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orange records   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 30-May-2001

originally conceived and designed in 1999, and now finally released, "bandwidth" is by far one of the most unmerciful and beautiful idm/dark electro releases I now have in my collection! manchester natives, brian flanagan and mike hopkins redesign relentless analog soundscapes, harmonies, and unmethodical rhythms that overwhelm your senses to pure synthetic bliss. appearing on various compilations from skam to pitchcadet and beta bodega, and a split with yunx, the wait for a complete 12" is over! this full length release was definitely worth the wait and should make some heads turn this year.

datathief constructs five powerful compositions for the mind to become immersed with digital radiance. on side a, we open with a harmonic landscape of ascending and descending string melodies that overwhelm while skittering rhythms and erratic textures assault the psyche. the quantum structure of "kaya (hexadecimator mix)" bombards your senses with psychotic beats that pace ferociously around toxic dark surface melodies and decayed phases. this track is sheer hazardous programming in nature.

on side b, "fall of the silicon empire" interrogates precise analog melodies that engage shadowy bass chords while twisted resonances spiral and descend a strand of mechanized percussion and erratic attacks. "spaz", a very short interlude track, melts quickly with a nice bouncy videogame-esq melodies and rhythms. "Gelb" tranquils out with seductively lush melodies that dance with warm glowing analog swells and slippery metallic rhythms. a beautifully sentimental and unforgettable track for the synthetic minded.

just about any work is amazing coming from these brilliant architects of sound design, and yet again, datathief gives a full piece of their mind on this one. this seems to be only the beginning to what will come with device electronic recordings!

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