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bad sector
the harrow
ava/es1 reset
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"dolmen factory"
"ampos (re-release)"
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album rating: 3

submitted by ben on 30-May-2001
Massimo Magrini, the lone mastermind behind Italy's Bad Sector, is responsible for creating some of the most intriguing experimental ambient music around. His most recent output, The Harrow, the first release from AVA/ES1 Reset, is actually a couple of years old, created in early 1999.

The disc starts off with "Erase," the same track featured on Oktagon's Inquinamento Acustico Vol. 1 under the different name, "Harrow (Mix II)." It launches straight into a thick pool of humming, mutated sounds and systematically manipulated frequencies. Strong, impenetrable sheets of deceptively delicate noises bend and interact, droning with subtle textures and intricate detail.

Continual, flowing tones provide a soothing, rich ambient backdrop, in contrast to the forefront of busy samples and noises. "Contaminate" is laced with uneven, cackling static that sounds like strong fabric slowly tearing apart. Hidden in a field of scientific, technological sources, heavily processed, indecipherable whispers and faint conversations haunt a lot of the tracks, adding an odd human dialogue to the electronics.

The dominant, jagged buzzing of "Generate" and the wicked, feedback intoned lashings of "Damage" put a noisy spin on things, which seems to be a theme on the disc. Bad Sector's past releases, in particular Dolmen Factory and Plasma, are quite methodical and relaxing, and though the project by it's very nature retains these traits, The Harrow adds more abrasive, sharp sounds to the distinct, beautifully unique formula.

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