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bip-hop generation
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album rating: 2

submitted by jc smith on 30-May-2001
The first volume of Bip-Hop Generation compilations (four are scheduled for release each year) gathers six international electronic artists who embrace technology through machines and machinery dysfunction (glitches, blips, static), all with a distinct musical focus. Nothing here lacks direction, some form of structure -- even when it may seem elusive to the listener. Plumes of cloudy synths infiltrate Marumari's "A Girl I Met At The Rest Stop," lending it a worn and weary ambience, indicative of the rest stop in question, and the vast empty spaces surrounding it (as well as the ephemeral human connection one makes while passing from here to...there). Nervous, clicking percussion and humming generator loops are the foundation for Goem's "Comp Negen," succumbing to a rash of subcutaneous distortion, surging and subsiding in concentrated streams. The result is strangely hypnotic. Phonem intrigue via radio-wave static that tumbles into corrosive drum n' bass dynamics sprinkled with synths that emulate the twinkling of a star. The trek is not without many sonic asides, including electronics that seem squeezed from tubes like irradiated toothpaste, and many percussive mutations, all of them intriguingly kinetic. Schneider TM, Massimo and Ultra Milkmaids also add their electronic ingenuity to the mix, making Bip-Hop Generation a diverse, exciting exploration of elec-'pop'-tronics for both man...and machine.

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