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by kemlus
topscore usa   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 2-Jun-2001
imagine the innocence and playfulness of a child visiting a wonderful planet such as saturn. kemlus kickstarts your sentimental thoughts of a lush and radiant off-world melodies that converge with bio-luminescent entities and the world they travel in. using a variety of fun melodic harmonies, nuclear chords, and spontaneous rhythmns, kemlus stands in a prism of its own color spectrum.

this release opens with the soft harmonics of "euclidia" which glides along blue desert-like surfaces while iridescent dragonflies cross each other's paths. "agora" encompasses you with a carousel of serene strings, organic melodies, and slipping rhythms. "prenuptial bliss" changes pace and focuses a little more on engaging harmonies that descend down glittering, neon snow pathways while taking your over purple bumps along the way. track eight, "never so sure" takes a trip into digital oceans of danceable squid- like chords and predatory rhythms that move like schools of small sparkling fish. "in transit [evening]" takes us on a stroll through saturn's nighttime express laser-railways with digital broken rhythms that are saturated with swelling harmonies and lush chords. while tracks like "five five" leave you with thoughts of ascending endless towers of colorful sectors of holographic compositions.

one of my favorites from topscore usa, that is something to check into if you are just finding out about this wonderful little idm label.

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