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dissecting table
triumvirate   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 6-Jun-2001
The second Dissecting Table release for Triumvirate, following last year's intense "Power Out of Control," cuts right to the chase. The rusty soup of deep, frenzied synth loops, insanely harsh vocals, fast 'n heavy drum machine attacks, piercing feedback and a thick skin of noisy distortion all congeal into the distinct DT sound I know and love. Ichiro Tsuji's throat shredding vocals, which I can rarely distinguish as human, let alone Japanese or English, lash out with an intense, cathartic fury. The sounds are raw, rhythmic, loud and biting... everything you'd expect from this lo-fi, high fury sonic madman.

The simple, doomy synth line that opens the second piece is deceptively relaxed. Parts of the track almost sound like hardcore punk, death metal and Merzbow in a blender, with rests of contorted, mechanical writhing, murky vocal samples and glitched-out electronic mayhem thrown in along the way. The epic tracks average about 10 minutes a piece, and they take on so many different directions within that time frame it's impossible to pinpoint one or two things that make them tick.

Through all the schizophrenic shifts in pace and direction the disc is built like a brick wall. When I play it on headphones I fear for my hearing. When I play it on my stereo I fear the speakers might never recover. Unique and twisted stuff, and proof that Ichiro is a long way from running out of steam.

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