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vuz   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 19-Dec-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
it took me some time to actually listen to and understand this album fully. at first, i was appalled and pushed away by the voice reminding me too much of skinny puppy and old-school bands. this seeming similarity did not allow me to see anything else.
later on, persuaded by a friend, i came back and listened several more times. "spectaclebreakers" slowly started growing on me and before long i enjoyed every single song. there was something behind this straightforward ebm/industrial and "familiar" voice, something that made me listen to the album again and again discovering more and more.
"kneel behind the executioner" turned out to be a great ear-candy for the old-school industrial fans and for the "new breed" as well. the sequencing is perfect, the beats, no matter how simple, are arranged nicely and the melodies are quite catchy and solid. after a while, you lose the feeling that the band's sound is dated and fully enjoy every track. "spectaclebreakers" spans the years and blends together the midieval atmosphere with its synthetic sequencing, demonic world of twisted numerous samples and bombastic percussion overlayed with twisted vocals.
i have to mention the fact that the band is coming from eastern europe and has been around for several years. they have recently appeared on "awake the machines 2" compilation.
almost every song has very distinct sound and atmosphere and therefore deserves to be mentioned here. to save you from that, i'll mention the particular ones that stand out for me.
"painspeech" starts out with dark thick brooding sequencing and explodes with slow pounding beats full of choked samples and pulsating percussion. "gripped illusion" is very sad and melancholic song with dark pulsating melody. the lead the song into the mysterious world of shadows and transparent images; it is full of atmospheric sounds and noises that together with straightforward beats create a nice and solid atmosphere. "confession" is another fascinating track that is very melancholic and delicate with some distorted beats thrown in. "preparation" features slow dense percussion; distorted analog bleeps and fast-paced beats. really nice and militant.
a wonderful album - take your time while listening to it it could quite possibly be the hidden treasure you've been waiting for.

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