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raginakudo part du
eat this   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 13-Jun-2001

this tiny vinyl from eat this is a second installment of raginakudo series from the label. first vinyl of the series featured funckarama, eog, legowelt and endorphins. this record presents a small yet incredibly refined collections of tracks; it contains four compositions including my most favorite bands in the genre - gimmik, lusine, quench and swap.

the record starts out with swap - it has a familiar, very dub-sounding, tough percussion and a bittersweet melody. this track appeals to me a lot more than some of the stuff on full-length swap releases. gimmik is next with sweet, absolutely breathtaking melody, shimmering gentle keys and sparse bass-saturated percussion. it slowly builds, teasing the listener with gradually evolving hints of melody, until it suddenly blooms with gorgeous basslines and deep strings that remain with us until the end of the track. the same melodic perfection was recently presented on their "rhythms der stadt" on toytronic.

second side starts out with quench that toys with heavier abrasive beats. that bass-intensive, almost rattling and stuttering percussion is backed by analog videogame keys and gentle light strings. it is not as melodic as other tracks, managing to combine peculiar crunchiness and complex melody.

and finally l'usine closes the record with absolutely incredible track that takes influences both from more traditional idm of their early self-titled album and acoustic elements and minimalism of their later releases. subtle humming, almost reminding me of pan sonic, is interwoven with tiny keys and soft percussion. the track moves into more acoustic part filled with small sliding organic noises, beautifully arranged minimal percussion. it is a shiny, almost transparent, yet strikingly vivid construction that is both crunchy and soft, melodic and ambient; definitely one of my favorites from this artist.

altogether, it would simply be a crime to miss this compilation, especially if you have been following the artists presented.

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