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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 16-Jun-2001
TV claim to have a sound similar to the likes of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails, among other heavy-weights, which places them in a virtually inescapable 'industrial rock' shadow from the start. The songs on this demo, "Meatlocker" in particular, suffer from a very linear approach that sounds static and dull, and though these can actually be quite useful ingredients if they're intentional, in this case I think the members of TV are trying to achieve quite a bit more. Really faint, heavily distorted vocals hiss and whisper over basic synth loops, repetitive guitar chords and mundane drum machine loops. The looping synthesizers on the last track, "Slice," don't match up with the drum beats and it sounds off kilter, as though two different songs are playing at once. This doesn't seem like an intentional off-the-wall mindfuck so much as just lack of programming skill, with an extra loud sonar ping type sound standing out as an anticlimactic focal point. Some elements sound more promising than others--the vocals in "Godcrusher," for example, start to really mesh with the programming--but in the end TV comes off as a four piece industrial garage band whose inspiration far outpaces their innovation.

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