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2nd gen
irony is
novamute   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 17-Jun-2001
2nd gen has been released on NovaMute – a bastard child of mute releasing less “commercial” artists. 2nd gen is somewhat similar to speedy j, creating massive abrasive percussion and distorted soundscapes, but this first similarity is rather deceptive and quickly fades away.

“irony is” approaches the distorted noisy genre from a different direction than the one I am used to. it dominates the listener completely with a special flavor of “garage noise”. big “splatter” noisy beats are present on each track, crashing through listeners’ ears. at times they are supported by screechy frequencies, or a spoken word. a few times it sounds almost like a metal track with distorted saturated guitar and snare drums. a few minutes later we are treated to purely technoid violent assault of fast-paced raw technoid percussion.

this album has a distinct sound and style – it might not be as addictive as some of the other noisy genres, and yet it definitely has heaviness and twisted raw power that should not be missed. its intentional “dirty” sound and uncompromising heaviness might find quite a few fans out there.

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