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frz v. blue baboon v. etereo expandeum club
machine that also let you draw!
vacuum   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 17-Jun-2001
at first I was tempted to call this release an “idm with zone51 influence,” but soon enough it became obvious that this definition would be too simple (or too broad?). indeed, a casual listener would see a lot of idm elements on this cd as well as wonderful acoustic bits and pieces that always were present on various zone51 releases – from ultra milkmaids to oil 10.

but, as it usually is, zone51-related artists have always possessed their own electronica sound that is hard to classify. and on this release etereo expandeum club, blue baboon and frz collaborated on music pieces that overall could be described as melodic electronica full of eclectic refined acoustic elements. sometimes it could remind you of cut-up atonal beauty of peps overlaid with melodic textures, or shimmering manipulated noises of s[e]nd in al their bleepy and glitchy splendor.

the most interesting thing about zone51 collaborations, as it was the case with trifid project, the artists seem to complement each other, filling the gaps and building richer and more “complete” sound. taken by itself, each of them present just a side of the complete whole that is their collaboration.

this release brings together refined acoustic elements, soft ambient textures, simple electronica percussion and gentle melodies. altogether, this album further defines vacuum as a unique label that is able to bring together multiple artists that manage to create something that is much more than just the sum of their styles and sounds.

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