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psycho industry
crushing the individual
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 18-Jun-2001
France's Psycho Industry is the solo project of self-proclaimed 'thrash metal guitarist' Marc Dumont. After recently discovering the industrial-metal hybrid of bands such as Cubanate, Fear Factory and Ministry he was inspired to trade in his band mates for an electronic set-up, and "Crushing the Individual" is the result of this shift in direction. Released in the summer of '99, it features nine tracks that introduce his formula of bombastic vocals, standard metal guitar riffs and a base of simple programming that consists of basic drum machine percussion, samples and some straight-forward synth work.

Dumont's musical history spans seven years, during which time he played guitar for a few French metal bands. It's this aspect that the majority of these tracks focus on--they are all somewhat centered, not surprisingly, around this element that Dumont knows best. That said, this cross-over into more electronic terrain is bound to attract more metalheads than anyone else.

Parts of some tracks have more potential than others. At its best ("War Symphony," "H-Machine") Psycho Industry reminds me of metal/industrial/techno hybrid-and-a-half Biopsy, and at it's worst (the flamboyant "Nataraja" solo) it sounds like a metal guitarist playing around with loops and samples on a friend's gear.

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