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cold electric fire
cold electric fire
sacred noise   2001
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"in nights dream we are ghosts"
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 18-Jun-2001
composed between january 2000 and january 2001, gary tedder provides us with some very personal ambient experimentations utilizing various acoustic and digital mediums. packaged in a magical stitched brown paper sleeve with a dark mysterious xerox photograph on the front cover, and using only a four track to mixed down his material, tedder’s work reminds me of intersections between earlier ultra milkmaids, militia, and a loki mindset.

First of all, if you have headphones, snag them for this one, it’s quite vital. the release opens with “in passing”, that pulls us into its shadowy dense atmospheres that revolve around spindling drones. distant guitar melodies lurk and fade past panning abysmal soundscapes that wander the mind on “process one.” “wild fire” pulls in avalanches of scourging soundscapes that remind me of milita’s introspective movements. track four, “cultivate your growl” contains beautiful aquatic and submerged textures shrouded in barriers of moving drones reminding me of some of earlier hybryd’s work. this one will remain a favorite of mine. the last track, “alchemist” rides a dense storm of fog-like movements that emerge with distorted railroad rhythms and lo-fi drones that remind me of some work by ultra milkmaids. another very dominant and mysterious track that defines this release.

a pleasant surprise to dark ambient that i expect to hear much more in the future.

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