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francisco lópez
untitled #90
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 18-Jun-2001
The premiere release from Italy's Pre-Feed, this 45-minute CD from Spanish sonic minimalist Francisco López is quite an intriguing listen. To call it minimal is actually a bit of an overstatement -- it's one of the most simplistic audio creations I've heard, which is reflected in the lack of title and vacuous white cover.

Untitled #90 is comprised of one lengthy composition. Wandering somewhere in between ambient and noise, it's basically an amplified audio texture primarily based, as far as I can tell, around natural sources and field recordings. It starts out with smooth, distant ocean waves and a sharp, razor-like metallic insect buzz. Before long the droning nature of the disc presents itself and the sounds gradually mutate and bend, very slightly, and slowly bleed and diffuse in new directions.

It's so simple that you can almost forget it's playing if you aren't paying attention, yet it's always there, scratching at your subconscious like steel wool. Though the overall output is very subtle and somewhat subdued, after almost an hour it has quite an effect on your hearing. If doesn't really matter what volume you listen at, afterwards the silence of the room will seem louder, your ears close to ringing.

With very little practical listenability, I imagine Untitled #90 would be at home as part of an installation focusing on the acoustics of an empty room. It seems as though López is trying to tap the spirit of avant-garde with this release, and as far as I'm concerned he's definitely succeeded.

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