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album rating: 3

submitted by ben on 18-Jun-2001
This is the sophomore release from Component Records, a new label founded by Rob Galbraith, mastermind behind both Codec and LogiQ. Amalgamation is a hefty remix disc, companion to Codec's Fragments, released back in the fall of '99. A total of 13 remixers were unleashed on that disc's source material, free to hack apart, piece together and generally mess around at will. The result is one very diverse collection of remixes from a wide range of electronic artists.

The disc opens with the abstract, IDM flavor of Ocone's "Albino" mix, which gets things off to a quirky, playful start with layers of splintered, relaxed beats and rhythmic samples. Gasr's take on "Sleepwalking" shifts the pace with a more steady and predictable approach, though still laced with interesting samples and programming above the heavy rhythms. Solenoid's version of the same song heads off in a completely different direction, reverting back to the IDM stylings of the disc's opener.

Near the end of the CD Aec pump out a dancy EBM interpretation of "Gremlin," probably standing out the farthest from the rest of the pack stylistically and the only track on the disc to feature vocals. This is in sharp contrast to the instrumental version of the same song by Adrien75, a great "electro trance" mix in a smooth, Autechresqe style. "Hyena" is a popular song on the chopping block, with a total of three reworkings. Xyn takes the first swing, a thick drum n' bass track with distorted breaks and cold backdrop tones mildly reminiscent of Panacea. Xyn contributes another version of the same track later on in the same style, though the force of the tempo is toned down a notch. Zammuto's frenetic, jungle-rooted mix lunges out from the middle of the disc to finish off the "Hyena" trilogy.

To attract this much input and have this much collaboration stem from a label's premier release is quite impressive. The considerable array of Amalgamation remixers cover a wide range of electronic territory. It will be interesting to see where Component heads next now that the floor-boards of a promising label are firmly in place.

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