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xxx'd generation
unit   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 18-Jun-2001
Simply put, XXX'd Generation is a hard-hitting unit label manifesto -- a showcase of cutting edge projects, including the six that compose the label's young and growing roster. Since unit's debut last year with Dryft's Cell, the Possessive-Blindfold sibling label has advanced in strides, and this compilation is an example of both intention and capability.

Typhoid launch into "365000 eyes" with an energetic set of relentless breaks and deep synth moans. Basic and rough-around-the-edges, it's a strong kick-start to the disc. A great Tunnel track follows this up, one of the only things I've heard from this Patrick Stevens project. Layered percussion is punctuated by hard beats, which set the pace for Mieke Maes' beautiful, laid back, repetitive female vocals. More than enough to whet my appetite for their upcoming disc on Ant-Zen. F-Drik's abstract percussive assault is a warped and processed venture onto techno's underbelly... wonderfully demented. Gridlock's "Edit 397," a precursor to their much-anticipated debut on unit, provides an emotive and masterful break from the techno beats with a mix of faint and powerful electronics enveloped in an intense strain of ambience. Hopefully a taste of things to come.

Dryft's relaxing "Beginning of the Out" picks up right where Cell left off: smooth, disjointed percussion and faint vocals all sewn together over a base of soft, floating atmospheres. Reset's contribution is also a continuation of his recent debut on unit, Ion Cro. Simple percussive loops are all wrapped around a driving beat -- one of the more dance floor oriented tracks on this disc. A number of these projects are new to me, Dr. Nog being one of them. His quirky "Auto Y Matic" remix is one of the lighter contributions, replete with odd, high-pitched vocals that inexplicably repeat "cut off my dick" with an endless persistence. Bombardier bring the disc to a thick and heavy close with "Incinerator," but only after a suspenseful intro threatening of the destructive, distorted beats to follow.

The fact that XXX'd Generation is a strong, well-rounded release should go undisputed. As far as label manifestos go it's in league with the finest, and more importantly, it succeeds at upholding their dedication to originality.

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