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suspicion breeds confidence
déjà vu of a duck
acrylnimbus   1999
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"eight reasons for being pathetic"
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album rating: 3

submitted by ben on 18-Jun-2001
I am willing to bet that Tobias Schmitt basks in the glow of his Macintosh computer's screen for a considerable portion of his days, and he has learned to use the "creative person's computer" to it's fullest potential. Apple's "Think Different" slogan has seemingly managed to seep into his creativity. Not only his he an accomplished graphic artist, but his musical side, known as Suspicion Breeds Confidence, is slowly gaining the recognition that DIY dedication eventually earns.

After tiring of the delays he was receiving from deadbeat record labels he decided to take matters into his own hands. Déjà Vu of a Duck isn't only the debut from SBC, it's the first release on Schmitt's own record label, Acrylnimbus, which he founded with the intent of providing a vehicle for his music.

The SBC sound is very textural, at times chaotic and abstract, though that isn't to say you can't find it soothing. Layers upon layers of heavily manipulated samples provide the core of each track, which fester into dynamic audio landscapes. Through all the possible confusion and hectic construction there is still a linear motion within the songs that gets them from start to finish without any monotony. It's truly unique material.

Since the release of this CD late last June Schmitt's production schedule has been picking up. He is currently working on his end of a split CD planned to be shared with the prolific Japanese noise artist Aube, and he has a forthcoming EP of new material slated for European release on Electro Chemical Research in October entitled "Eight Reasons For Being Pathetic ". Throw in a comp appearance here and there and you've got a lot to look forward to from the suspicious Mr. Schmitt.

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