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the monitors
progerik   1999
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"area to area"
"pinghaus frequencies"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 18-Jun-2001
I have heard this album a few months after “area to area” lp on toytronic. the first thing that strikes you on this album is unbelievable range of genres that the band covers. from track to track it varies from goofy videogame noises (think “load error” by gimmik), beautiful melodies that any of you would recognize from toytronic samplers, spacey atmospheric textures with random clicks, noises, vocal samples and even a tough rhythm&noise workout backed by dark ominous strings.

the whole album is an incredibly rich experience that can please any audiophile as well as anyone coming from variety of genres. based on my limited exposure to the band based on area to area lp and toytronic samplers, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this whole new world of multiplex. any of the directions presented displayed enough maturity and complexity to be easily developed further into something more profound.

the fact that the band is toying with so many directions could be both perceived as a sign of a young project looking for a direction, or daring experimentators that could not contain themselves within the boundaries of one project. whatever your opinion might be, this is not an album to miss for anyone into complex, melodic, and technically perfected idm.

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