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suspicion breeds confidence
eight reasons for being pathetic
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"déjà vu of a duck"
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 18-Jun-2001
Having self-released his debut CD, Déjà Vu of a Duck, earlier this year, Tobias Schmitt has joined the ranks of the contract-bound and signed with Germany's ECR Records for his follow up, Eight Reasons For Being Pathetic. The overall approach on this disc is considerably stripped down and more simplistic, but that doesn't detract from the distinct Suspicion Breeds Confidence flavor that was established on Déjà Vu. The same frenzied brew of abstract electronics and relentless audio manipulations still simmers throughout each inventive sound collage.

The song tempos are fairly slow, and the typical 4/4 time signature is avoided like the plague. It's like a lengthy audio hallucination, with layers of splintered tones and samples climbing over the subtle beats that form the spine of most tracks. Though each layer on its own is relatively simple, pile them up and you've got a riot. There are so many levels of sound in this music that you can't follow each one without giving yourself a migraine... you just relax your ears until the dominant melodies pull you in.

Schmitt doesn't provide media outlets with a press sheet or bio from which they can scavenge interpretations of his material. The result? No two writers have been able to come to the same consensus about these sounds. As far as I'm concerned that's a sure fire sign that you're on to something unique. In last ditch efforts people have tried to peg SBC as everything from drum n' bass to noise; comparisons which prove to be the very definition of misleading. With this music you truly have to hear it to understand what it's all about... check out the Acrylnimbus website for sound files.

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