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hands   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 10-Jul-2001
coincidentally, I went back and started listening to "14id1610s" last week, and almost instantly I saw so many cool elements in it that somehow escaped my initial judgement; I guess this can be attributed to the constantly developing taste of truly yours, that back when I was writing the original review, was not developed enough to recognize all the positive points that the album had.

“parsec” is a continuation of those ideas of glitch electronica, but this time it is a lot more cohesively arranged, which might be taking away some of the avant-garde “coolness” factor present in initial “14id1610s”. the album is closer to the vinyl released on ant-zen, combining sparse clicks, abrupt surges of white noise, deep humming of static with dark monumental ambient textures, blooming strings and deep basslines.

“parsec” is really an ambient electronica album where cold random minimalism of glitch merely contrasts the ambient splendor. I believe that squaremeter has found its style, and it is something innovative, combining so many elements dear to me. I have always craved for more, listening to traditional glitch artists, and I never imagined that this combination of dark symphonic ambient and random minimalism of glitch electronica could work out so well. come to think of it, it required someone versatile enough, familiar enough with both genres, the genres that do not really exist in the same niche.

this is a very dark album that manages to bring together epic ambient sweeps, chaotic caustic waves, dark distant strings, minimal bleepy touches, deep bass humming a’la pan sonic, fading sinister vocal samples. this is something strikingly original appearing on this scene, and I am so glad that it is being released and marketed by hands, allowing this album to receive the recognition it deserves. and finally, this is a squaremeter album that I can enjoy not only for its clever wizardry and conceptualism, but also for truly beautiful music.

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