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hands   2001
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"electric mandala - dark massive"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 10-Jul-2001
with this album xabec moves more into melodic ambient, retaining some of its conceptualism based on found sounds and field recordings. I found this album instantly more enjoyable than their previous release on hands.

little organic noises and sounds rotate, swirl, scrape, crackle overlaid with melancholic yet pleasantly light elongated strings. that background is minimal and at times barely audible, it is not as prominent as some of the other artists in this genre. it does sometimes sound a bit out of place, but for the most part it adds a raw, almost organic touch to the ambient atmosphere.

there are a few tracks that consist of minimal noises and some percussion-like textures, reminding me of foton records material. both styles appear to achieve a happy middle ground in “sonar” – my favorite on this cd that is both beautifully flowing and elegant and at the same time sparkles with tweaked clicks, hisses, static humming.

yet another line can be drawn towards zone51 material with their funkier side of blending acoustic and electronic music.

all in all, it is probably one of the finest example of this peculiar genre, something I find myself listening to repeatedly during the late night hours.

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