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hands   2001
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"drum 'n' noise"
"drum 'n' noise"
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winterälte/ah cama-sotz show report [...

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 15-Jul-2001

this new winterkälte ep is a rare example of cds arriving to american market before europe. i have picked this one up during winterkälte show in seattle.

this ep consists of four tracks, running close to half an hour playing time. overall winterkälte is getting faster, changing their sound slightly, and yet retaining their recognizable style. I thought it would be appropriate to mention each track individually.

"theme one" is your typical winterkälte track - percussion storm, heavily layered, dense abrasive textures. unstoppable, incessant and beautifully violent. it is pleasantly cold, and a bit technoid, foreshadowing upcoming tracks. no real surprises here, simply excellent work.

"theme two" is where things start to pick up. it is a lot faster than usual winterkälte track, and at times it sounds almost like a breakcore/speedcore attack, overlaid with familiar dense squealing, piercing noises and corroded textures. every once in a while, in this tangled complex mess, you would hear a small, almost drum&bass-like loop; thanks to stellar, as usual, production, every little detail is discernable and sounds crisp and polished.

"theme three" continues the innovation, building upon a wide variety of percussion - from simple pounding technoid rhythms to breakcore violence. the percussion is where this track utterly shines - it is pure joy to hear so many different layers of fast-paced, assaulting, crushing sound. sometimes the transitions between different pieces of the track sound a bit artificial, but this feeling is simply a passing impression.

"theme four" concludes with an interesting mix of bouncy light technoid beats and dark frequencies, combining both persistence of techno and painful abrasiveness of noise.

all in all, I am glad to see the flagship of rhythm&noise moving on. others are catching up, the genre is growing at an amazing rate, and it gets harder and harder to distinguish between the artists. meanwhile winterkälte is incorporating more elements in their music, setting themselves apart, taking the band to the new heights, remaining a pure sonic candy for anyone willing to listen.

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