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hands   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 18-Jul-2001
5F_FF is a new addition to hands roster, despite their gimmicky, computer-centric presentation, the overall packaging is quite nice as usual.

the band works in the realm of rhythmic noise, and actually manages to leave a mark in this increasingly popular genre. I see this album as one of the most successful and refined interpretations of common ideas in the genre. one must listen to it *loud* to catch all the wonderful heavy bass elements and at the same time successfully play the trivia game, identifying common approaches and even sounds. I myself spend a day on track two, finally identifying a few sounds and passages as being similar to black lung and xingu hill.

interestingly enough, you forget about the comparisons quite soon and enjoy excellent composition, production and a fresh feel that the band brings to the genre. a few tracks would display delightful crunchiness in best traditions of “distorted disco” by asche; this would be combined with pummeling strength of converter percussion attacks with corroded ambient interludes that would make winterkalte proud. a few technoid textures here and there, a heavy dose of abrasive crashes and explosions, and you have all the ingredients for this album. now just add stellar production, clever composition, and plenty of variation, and you will get the album that at this point I can place on my top 5 releases this year for the genre.

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