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carpark records   2001
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"the wolves hollow"
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 19-Jul-2001
if you push further brilliant idealism of "the wolves hollow," expand it, and compose these pieces with a radiance from a different moon, you just might be looking at "supermogadon." this new album utilizes even more r & b, trip-hop, and jazz grooves, more psychedelic synth melodies, catchy electro progressions, enhanced with beautiful female vocal works. the cd cover comes with awesome alien layout and art by josha and photography by sasha elims.

we start out this release with a few tracks based on a very attractive alien, 80-esq melodies and bass line that are engaged with very tight synthetic trip-hop grooves. in "baby m," for instance, we are treated to beautiful female vocal stylings that are executed with lush precision while cool synthetic horn melodies dance in the distance.

track five, "the golden people" takes on into fun journey of progressively building electroid foundations, bubbly tempos, distant lost harmonies and funky accents that leave you with a blissful smile on your face. while track seven tightens up with groovy electro rhythms and trance-paced harmonies that could easily lighten your feet for a while on the dance floor.

track eight "holograft" works out levels of electro signal relays and trip-hop beats that are gradually accompanied by funky percussion aspects and reversed spacey guitar patches. while track nine, "the mutated wisdom" pushes new idealism of hip-hop scratches to very pleasant distant melodies, working around funk and soul-driven movements.

track eleven, "put me in my habitrail", a short, but very sentimental piece that works in stepping seductive melodies that ascend radiantly as they lead to the last track "super botany (mazar)." a track that closes this ultra nice release with fun entangling organ and electro melodies that work around a funky beat and staircase of soft psychedelia.

this album is full of super-cool idm that that takes you a glittering place of tranquil dreams and luminescent memories. a completely enticing follow-up and progression of idealism behind the previous brilliant release "the wolves hollow."

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