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abfahrt hinwil
programm 2
toytronic   2001
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"links open, the light"
"links berge rechts gehen"
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 21-Jul-2001

this collaboration release of toytronic founders m. haidinger and c. cunningham presents us with, technically, their first release, presenting some very radiant material for the mind. this toytronic's seventh mature idm gem, and the label still never disappoints me, continuing to push new idealism in idm textures and sound compositions.

pressed in juicy transparent orange vinyl, three glittering tracks are provided for us to realize and enjoy. on side a, we hear irresistible and charming melodies, soft glitchy fluttered rhythms, and descending string harmonies that provide pure blissful thinking. obviously, being in the vein of gimmik's beautiful environments, since he is one part this project, but still standing very uniquely on its own.

side b gives us "tech 10", starting with evasive chilled electroid harmonies that glide forward nicely while snappy beats digitize, bend, and bounce with ascending compassionate strings. a beautifully attractive track and reminds me of a cross between datathief and gimmik, of course. "radiowellen" taps into more introspective movements as hopeful melodies dance and spiral around soft erratic rhythms taking you to a more sentimental dream. which doesn't completely come to an end with a funny, yet annoying reversed synthetic noise and old-man sample loop groove that will be sure to get on your neighbors nerves, if played loud enough.

as usual, i will continue to support this awesome idm label, because of its complete consistency in providing brilliant new directions and solid foundation for very appealing material.

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