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senton recordings   2001
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"area to area"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 21-Jul-2001
this excellent release by senton-recordings founders, multiplex, sets forward fresh, acute, and very outlandish sounds. packaged in an opaque, bright white embossed sleeve and pressed on normal slick black vinyl, this release puts forth a solid foundation of what good things there are to come from this young label. the multiplex unit always puts out very ranged, diverse, and sometimes chaotic material that sets them apart from many other musicians out there. if you are familiar with some of their earlier work on "the monitors" , you might find some movements of the same nature on this release as well, which fit perfectly into the whole scheme of things.

many diverse emotional perspectives are taken throughout this release, which makes this work some of their best to date. we start out on side one with organic shadowy robotic-electro progressions and atmospheres, that are paced with fierce unmethodical analog rhythms and step harmonies on "unknown control." while an interlude of hyper-tech reverbed melodies sets us up for an undeniable track entitled "BVsC." on this track catchy mechanical electro-trance harmonies and rhythms turbulently push forth while tranquil cold string walls and synthetic alien loops float in the distance. this is definitely one of the most relentless tracks on this release.

while tracks such as "exist thru rubber" discharge glitched and erratic sample and percussion attacks. track five, "greet", another favorite, blends and constructs inspiring string melodies and punchy beats that expand and divide upon each other with mysterious perfection.

track six," strange person", pushes forth nice spacey mysterious atmospheres and melodies. track seven, "deatheroes," ends side a with fun and playful tapping percussion aspects and weird sound devices. both of which were originally released on "the monitors" cd.

on side b, "angles," conquers you with lush, melancholic harmonies that flow beautifully with unmethodical rhythms and sweet analog chords, which makes this one the strongest and most uniquely different sounding tracks from these versatile artists. track two, "environments," thaws beautiful frozen memories of translucent worlds of golden sunsets, radiant melodies, soft hypnotic rhythms, voices of the past, and waves of glowing synth strings. a very relaxing and magical track as well. track three, also found on "monitors," pushes very mysterious and alien composed melodies that encompassing distorted broken beats and soft drones. and "run widdle" closes this release with lemming-like fun melodies and phases of tribal rhythms that revolve around dense bass assaults and strange frequencies.

in conclusion, i am very pleased with the directions presented by multiplex on this release and very inspired to seek further new material released on this very promising label.

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