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mick harris & ambre
hushush   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 21-Jul-2001

this finishes up the threesome collaborations between very unique musicians ambre (c-drik, olivier moreau, and j. sellekaers), mick harris, and mark spybey. this alignment of sound construction focuses more on raw sound textures and devices with less emphasis on actual atmosphere and musical composition. imagine if foton records merged some of their idealism with usual hushush attitude, you just might be describing this release. strip down ambre's intriguing and terrestrial sound compositions down to their bare characteristics, and add ultra minimal touches of various temperature gauged textures by mick harris, and this might represent what we are listening to here on this 3rd release. "dys" pertaining to the greek word meaning "ill," perfectly fits the unstructured format and sensibilities of sounds presented on this five track collaboration.

this release can more easily be interpreted on whole basis with a definite preferably isolated dark surroundings, an alert listener, and a trusty pair of headphones. working with titles such as "phane", "lithe", and "algie", you can recognize the similarities of sound textures to the textural qualities of the words itself such as "lithe" meaning "bending" for one. working around various sound frequencies that swell, charge, fade, and evolve throughout each track. some are more rich in atmosphere while others a stand alone giving off an radiance of their own. some textures become frigid in design and while others blaze a powerful warmth.

this being the last of the awesome threesome series makes a nice ending focusing on the simplistic but effectively alluring sound collaborations of two very unique artists that continue to push new experimental directions in electronic music today. i hope to see more of these directions pursued again in the future.

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