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john n. sellekaers
tourist trap
falling elevators   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 21-Jul-2001

this four cd release is put together in one of the most interesting packages i have witnessed next to mhz, ant-zen, and hands. each cd is packaged in a small mini-business card format that holds approximately 3 minutes of data, working with four themes of diverse sound constructions for the aware listener. think along the lines of ambre, the latest ammo, black lung, phlegm, and foton records; this might give you an ideal each packaged theme has to offer.

all four themes, "tourist trap", "derelict", "black baccara" and "daemonigraphia" work with a variety of terrestrial sounds structures, samples, and devices that twist, spiral, submerge, assault, swell, dissolve, assimilate, discharge, bend, pull, intimidate, frighten with unmethodical alignment to the ear. using an endless variety of highly unique sounds and additional ones from friends c-drik and hervé thomas, sellekaers traps another direction of electronic device manipulation for the mind. although pieces are quite short, mostly under 3 minutes per composition, each card packs quite a punch with the array of sound textures and samples presented. the key is not to mix them up in your cd player though, since each actual cd card is not labeled itself, hehehee.

when i think of j. sellekaers, i think of a very unique and diversified musician, but also as a very powerful sound device engineer. this release from a very promising new label is a must for any fan of his work.

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