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deprogramming music
sacred noise   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 21-Jul-2001

this compilation features sixteen experimental, dark ambient, and harsh noise artists from around the globe. after being pleasantly surprised with the "cold electric fire" release from this north carolina-based label, I was eager to hear more from this gradually evolving experimental/ambient/noise label. much along same lines in packaging devices and directions as troniks and crunch pod media, this label gives us a variety of unreleased and newer material from such harsh noise artists as lefthanddecision and merzbow to dark ambient musicians magwheels and dreamstate.

some of the strongest highlights for me on this disc, align with tracks 7,8,10,12,and 14. track seven, "sunspot interference" by dreamstate seduces us with some very beautifully composed abysmal string compositions that bend with radiant harmony. this is absolutely one of my favorites alone, wanting me to seek out more from this artist. lhd pulls some of the most relentless, hazardous, and turbulent distorted sound frequencies with the track "theft as entertainment." i still keep lhd on the top of my list when it comes to listening to hostile and harsh sound devices, he is simply a master of this sound. magwheels provides an untitled track that provides very menacing chords and occult atmospheres that could compete with the likes of dark ambient geniuses ah cama-sotz and early hybryds. ashrae fax provides swelling shadowy guitar ambient chords that remind me of a cross between some of predominance's atmospheric material meshed with darker ultra milkmaid's work on "pan pursuing syrinx." giving me yet another artist to look into. and my last impression was, of course, a brilliant track, "cultivate your growl", that was on the the self-titled release from cold electric fire. a very alluring artist that i expect more good things to come from in the future.

overall this compilation is provides a nice introduction for newcomers to these genres of music and more doorways for the fans to open, explore, and entice the mind of these wonderful rituals.

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