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needle sharing
my kind came first
hands   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 26-Jul-2001
this needle sharing is the best album by the band up to this date. I have first encountered the band on cave two compilation from hands, and have followed its progress throughout the years. this album is truly the pinnacle of their music career combining so many wonderful elements in one superb mix.

I have always been a little hesitant about needle sharing’s sound that combined garage dirtiness with techstep formulaic approach. the result was somewhere in the middle between panacea’s low “profile darkness” and polished drum&bass. this album finally nails it, with crisp and deliciously crunchy broken percussion that explodes and rattles with intensity close to asche’s “distorted disco”, at the same time it features pleasant distant strings, creating a striking contrast with the percussion mayhem. and finally, you have basslines – heavy, dominant, reminding you about the roots of the genre and the groovy that was driving it.

come to think of it, I do not really know any bands working so perfectly in this style, combining amazingly polished, complex (something I did not really notice before, but the aspect that really shines on this record) sound with raw aggression and unique style. needle sharing managed to finally position itself where it strived to be for al these years – between crunchy noise of hands label and dark technoid rhythms of techstep. this is definitely one of my favorite hands releases, and something I could only recommend to anyone.

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